Indulekha Hair Oil Side Effects – 2 Year’s Experience

I’ve been using Indulekha Hair Oil for over two years. I’ve got enough experience and information about this product to give you an excellent review on this Indulekha Hair Oil—coming to the point, Indulekha claims that their hair oil is ayurvedic, which is correct. But, there are a few complexities that you can face while using this product.

Hey Everyone, In this article, we will talk about Indulekha Hair Oil Side Effects in detail. Every issue that I faced during this two-year timespan and how to get rid of it.

Indulekha Hair Oil Side Effects

Indulekha Hair Oil Side Effects

There are no confirmed side effects of indulekha hair oil. But, Yes, There are few basic problems that you can face after daily usage of this oil. But don’t worry we’ll also discuss the methods to avoid or get rid of those issues.

Ingredients may be Allergic

After a bit of research and collecting reviews from a few customers, I found that few have faced scalp-related allergies after using this product, resulting in hair fall, dandruff, and scalp nutritional imbalance.

A few ingredients in the oil sometimes don’t suit you and result in significant scalp issues. To prevent this issue, you should consult a doctor before buying an indulekha hair oil for yourself.

Regular use may be harmful

Regular use of Indulekha Hair Oil can result in making your scalp oily. After some time, it will also minimize the absorption capacity of the natural oil, Which is produced by our scalp as a protectant and natural growth oil.

You should use Indulekha Hair Oil Twice to Thrice a week to hope for good results and avoid side effects. If you’re not knowing about the best way to apply induelkha hair oil, check this article out.

External Use Only

This product straightly warns that It is only for External use. Please don’t drink or inject this oil in your body thinking it a ayurvedic product. Persoanlly, I don’t recommend you using this oil for your skin the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that added in this oil are specially built for hair not for your skin. Kindly use it properly to avoid side effects.

These are the 2-3 caution and side effects of indulekha hair oil that people faced after using it.

Is Indulekha Good or Bad in Long-term?

Indulekha is a good product in the long term because It has 0-1% side effects compared to its excellent benefits. It is natural with almost every essential herb, vitamin, and mineral without any preservatives and artificial color or fragrance. You should give it a check. Read the Complete Review on Indulekha Hair Oil

when to wash hair after applying indulekha hair oil?

There are different methods that people are using to apply indulekha hair oil. Either keep the oil overnight in your scalp or apply it just before an hour of bathing. The result will be identical, So, Don’t worry about the method to wash the hair. But, there are some best methods to apply indulekha hair oil. Check the article out.

Does Indulekha really regrow hair?

There is no accurate answer to this question, But, If you’re asking me, then Yes, Indulekha regrow hair. Suppose you’re genetically fine and facing hair loss or want to regrow your hair. In that case, absolutely indulekha hair oil can help you regrow the hair because of its herbal nutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in it. Type of diet, workout/yoga, and meditation also play a vital role in your hair growth journey because this also helps provide nutrients and blood supply to the hair to provide good growth.

Does Indulekha cause Hairfall and Why?

It is rarely seen that the use of Indulekha Hair Oil caused hair fall. Indulekha is an entirely natural and herbal oil. This scenario will only occur If you’re love
rusing this oil or the ingredients present in the oil don’t suit you; otherwise, there is no chance of hair fall after using this oil. Rather than It increases the growth and prevents the hair fall.


I wrote this article to state the indulekha hair oil side effects that some people face after regular usage of this oil. But, According to me, These side effects of indulekha hair oil are nothing compared to its benefits. So, You should give it a try once or consult a doctor before buying one yourself.

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