Indulekha Shampoo Review [2022] – My Honest Review

Before starting with this indulekha shampoo review, Let me tell you that I’ve been using the indulekha product for the past two years. That’s why I have a good experience, in-depth review, and essential features and PROS and CONS that you must know before using it.

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Indulekha Shampoo Review

Indulekha Shampoo Review [2022]

I’ve been using Indulekha Bringha Shampoo for the past two years and I’ve faced many types of problems and experiences that I would like to share in this article with you all.

It was 9 Dec 2019, When I bought the combo pack of Indulekha Hair Oil and Shampoo. The day I started using the Indulekha Shampoo for the first time after a month, I was disappointed by their promises’ claims and features.

But After believing the work of consistency, I kept going with the usage of oil and shampoo regularly. It was the 4th month. The results we’re shocking and amazing. I experienced good hair growth, minimal hair fall, shiny and strong hair. And, That has marked this product as the best ayurvedic hair product in my mind, thanks to Indulekha.

But, In these 2 Years. I’ve found some major issues, precautions, and techniques for maximum benefits, That I’m going to discuss with you all.

Indulekha Hair Shampoo Review
The Perfect Ayurvedic Shampoo

Indulekha Hair Shapoo

A complete pack of hair nutrients that you need to maintain healthy hair and scalp, This product has numerous benefits and low to no side effects. If you’re facing lots of hair problems such as hair growth, dandruff, hair fall, etc., then you use this ultimate solution
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Benefits of using Indulekha Hair Shampoo

  • Stops Hair Greying
    There are mainly two reasons that start your hair greying, and those two reasons are the only solution to stop it. Lack of Vitamins and Minerals are the two significant reasons that start hair greying. Indulekha helps fulfil those nutrients such as Vitamin A, E, D, B, B-12, and Biotin.
  • Controls Hairfall and Dandruff
    A Daily Routine shampoo can help you with dandruff and hair fall because Indulekha Ayurvedic shampoo helps you to clean the excessive harmful oil out from the scalp and reduces skin cell buildup
  • Promotes Good Scalp Health
    Indulekha Hair Shampoo has plenty of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins present in it that helps in promoting better health to the scalp and shiny hair.
  • Makes the Hair Thicker
    Good Nutrients and Minerals such as Vitamin A, E, D, B, B-12, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, and Biotin promotes a better quality thicker hair and good hair growth.
  • Prevents to get infected through Bacteria and Fungus

Indulekha Hair Shampoo Side Effects

  • Smell is good but It doesn’t suits everyone
    It is not a side effect of Indulekha Shampoo. But, Personally, after It, its smell is powerful and sometimes causes headaches, and I was not too fond of it. After reading a few reviews from the customer and the internet, I checked that they had given Indulekha Shampoo a five-star rating for its smell. That’s Why I’ve listed here that the smell is good but doesn’t suit everyone.
  • Makes the Hair DRY to some extent
    It makes the hair dry to some extent because it is an ayurvedic shampoo and contains aloe vera in its mixture, making your hair dry a bit. You can use any good conditioner with it for sleek hair.
  • A few ingredients are a bit harmful
    There are a few preservatives that may be harful for your hair to some point. Here are the few preservatives that the indulekha hair shampoo contains.
    • DMDM Hydantoin
      It is a preservative and antimicrobial agent found in top cosmetics, skin, and hair care products. It is used to keep the product fresh and free from contaminants.
    • Methylchloroispthiazolinone
      This preservative helps you against bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Regular use of this chemical can also be harmful to your hair scalp.
    • Methylisothiazolinone
      This chemical is primarily used in hair and skincare products to maintain the hygiene of the usage. It can be harmful if used regularly.

PROS and CONS of using Indulekha Hair Shampoo

  • A good ayurvedic herbal shampoo for hair
  • Advantages of 6 amazing nutritional herbs (Such as Bhringraj, Amla, Tulsi, Neem, and many more)
  • Clean the Scalps very nicely
  • Bottle is very travel and packaging friendly
  • Budget Friendly compared to other ayurvedic shampoo
  • Natural Fragrance (No Artificial Color or fragrance added)
  • Makes the Hair Soft, Shiny, and Bouncy
  • It helps the Hair Folicles in growing and also prevents bacteria, fungus, and yeast.
  • Makes the Hair a Bit Dry, Conditioner is necessary
  • Not a complete chemical-free shampoo
  • Very High Odour doesn’t suit everyone
  • No great effects.

What the Indulekha Bringha Hair Shampoo product contains?

Here are the Indulekha Shampoo Ingredients that are present in each 10ml extract.

Ayurvedic NamesScientific NamesQuantity (10ml)
BhringrajEclipta alba (Plant)1000mg
AmlaPhyllanthus emblica (Fruit)40mg
TulsiOcimum Sanctum (Leaf)80mg
NeemAzadirachta indica (Leaf)400mg
MadhyantikaLawsonia inermis (Leaf)400mg
ShikakaiAcacia Concinna (POD)120mg
RosemaryRosmarinus Officinalis (Lead Oil)200mg

Step by Step Process to use Indulekha Hair Shampoo for Maximum benefits

It is the exact method that people are using to extract the maximum benefits from this Indulekha Hair Shampoo, and I’ll highly recommend you too for using it.

  • Before using the Shampoo under the shower make sure that you’ve already put on a good oil overnight or an hour before (I’ll Highly recommend you going with Indulekha Hair Oil).
  • Wash the hair properly upto 2-3 minutes under the shower before applying the shampoo.
  • Take a coin-sized shapoo on your palm and mix it evenly in your hands.
  • Apply the Shampoo smoothly on the hair and leave it for about 3-5 minutes.
  • After 3-5 minutes wash the shampoo properly and pat-dry it properly.
  • Use a Hair Conditioner on Hair and properly massage it for around 1-2 minutes. (I’ll personally recommend you going with a high-quality natural hair conditioner WOW Skin Science Onion Conditioner)
  • Wash the Hair Conditioner properly and Dry it using towel and natural sunlight.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Indulekha Shampoo really good for Hair and Why?

Yes, No Doubt Indulekha Hair Shampoo is beneficial for your hair as It contains plenty of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that prevent your hair from a variety of problems. So without getting confused, you can quickly go with this hair shampoo.

Does Indulekha really regrow hair?

The company claims for healthy scalp and hair fall problems. But, Wait, it also helps in hair growth. If you’re genetically fit and getting growth issues due to nutrients, you can get a better hair re-growth after using this shampoo. But, Make sure you are on a good diet, and regular workout or yoga also plays a vital role.

Is Indulekha Shampoo Harmful?

I’ve used this shampoo for over two years, and I’ve faced no harmful side effects or issues. But, Yes, This shampoo contains a few preservatives that may cause scalp damage, If over-used.

Is Indulekha Shampoo Sulphate Free?

Yes, This natural herbal shampoo is free from Sulphate, Parabens, Artificial Colors and Fragrances.

Can Indulekha Hair Shampoo stop the Hairfall and Resolve Hair Dandruff?

Yes, of course, Indulekha Hair Shampoo can stop Hairfall and Resolve Hair Dandruff (If you’re genetically fit). But, In case of getting a healthy scalp, remember that you should focus on a properly balanced diet; Add a few workouts, yoga, or meditations to your routine.


I hope so that you found our Indulekha Shampoo Review Helpful, Make sure follow the review and instruction before making a decision. If you’re having any confusion you may comment here we’ll try to response you as fast as possible. Have a Good Day, Thanks 🙂

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