How and When to wash hair after applying Indulekha hair oil

Indulekha Hair Oil is a fantastic product that enables hair growth, prevents hair dandruff, reduces hair fall, and more. But, To extract the maximum benefits from this product, it is essential to know the best time and method to use this product.

In this article, We’re going to know How and When to wash hair after applying Indulekha hair oil for getting maximum benefits out of this product.

How and When to wash hair after applying indulekha hair oil

When to wash hair after applying Indulekha Hair Oil?

After oiling the hair, don’t just wash the oil off in the shower. The Indulekha Hair oil takes time to penetrate roots and hair follicles. In my personal opinion, You should leave your hair up to 1-2 hrs after a gentle massage. Here are some mistakes that you should avoid while oiling the hair.

  • Don’t comb your hair just after or while applying the hair oil.
  • Wait for the oil to get penetrate (1-2 Hours)
  • Don’t leave the oil overnight in your scalp
  • Don’t Tie your hair just after applying the hair oil
  • Use a good quality ayurvedic oil in your hair

How to wash hair after applying Indulekha Hair Oil?

Oiling the hair is the same important as Washing your hair for good benefits. There are numerous ways to wash your hair after oiling. But, here, I’ll list some of the primary and most common and effective methods that you can use to clean your Indulekha Hair Oil Properly.

  • Find the Right Shampoo
    A good quality shampoo always helps to fulfill your hair nutrients and minerals, You should always prefer a good ayurvedic hair shampoo for good results.
  • Firstly wash out your hair only with warm-water properly upto 2-3 minutes
  • Dilute the Shampoo by applying few droplets of water in it
  • Apply the Shampoo and massage it gentally in the overall scalp upto 4-5 minutes
  • Wash it properly and apply conditioner
  • At End, Wash off the hair with cold water and you’re ready to go

Can I use Indulekha Hair Oil Daily?

No, You should only use Indulekha Hair Oil twice to thrice a week for good results and avoid any types of side effects from the oil. Regular oiling hair sometimes also stops the natural production of oil from our scalp.

Can we use other oil rather than indulekha oil?

Yes of course, If you’re searching for a affordable hair oil and just starting getting hair issues. Then obviously go with few basic oil that are also natural with good results.
1. Kesh king Ayurvedic Onion Oil
2. Ustraa Ayurvedic Oil
3. WOW Skin Science Onion Hair Oil


Read the Indulekha Hair Oil Review for deep knowledge about this product’s benefits, side effects, usage, and personal opinions. By the way, If you are facing any confusion related to the article comment below, we’ll try to reply to you as fast as possible.

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